For those seeking to fill their hearts and minds with the power of scriptures put to sacred music, the options are truly limited. To be able to find a collection that is suited for adults as well as young children was an absolute blessing.

Catalina Arevalo

QLD, Australia

I have enjoyed the Scripture songs that you have written. From the very first one that I heard, I think it was Psalms 23, I knew that I liked the style of writing. My favourite is Psalms 24. Very majestic. Over the years we have been here in Fiji we have taught it to our students. Scripture songs are a great way to learn the texts from the Bible – seems to be easier than memorizing them any other way. I look forward to your website and more of what you have written.
Judith Higgs


“We have been tremendously blessed by these scripture songs. From birth our son has been listening to them and he quickly memorized The Lord’s Prayer, among others. Not only have they been a blessing to us, but they have been a blessing to those who have been guests at our house; we share them with others. Some of our guests have even requested to use them as special music at their church. Another friend of ours saw the music in the book and was very moved by the words and music. We gave her a book and she said she will play the music at home with her family.”
Demario Carter

Kansas, USA

Thank you Karen and family for the effort you have put into the music. This is the best way that I know to memorize Scripture.
Sandra Mulchin,

Arkansas, USA

Around 30 years ago, God Blessed me with the opportunity to meet Karen. She was then and continues to be, a prolific writer of Scripture songs. Her work, made it so much easier to memorise so many meaningful passages, even larger ones, just because they were set to music. It was these beautiful songs, which played a huge part in helping me find my way back to the Lord after having drifted away for a time. Her music combined with the Inspired Word, continues to be a daily Blessing, helping me to apply Psalm 119:11 in my life.
Lynne Carey

Qld, Australia

Memorizing and meditating on God’s word can transform your life and the lives of your children. Studies have shown that by putting Scriptures to music the memory center of the brain will retain the words and passages for years even into old age. Scripture music is a powerful and creative way to make God’s word a part of your children ‘s everyday experience.
Lois Gibbs


I was first introduced to Scripture songs about 22 years ago when I attended a Home Schooling Information day, and have been increasingly using them in children’s programs since. They are a wonderful way to memorise Scripture. In the past I have struggled to get the children to memorise their weekly Bible verse, but they enjoy learning the Scripture songs.

In my personal life I have found that I remember better the Scripture that I have learned as a song, which has been a real blessing when I have been taking programs, or conversing with someone, and wish to quote a Bible verse.”

Sue Tregenza

Qld, Australia